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Where is Columbus?

Columbus is no longer alive but there is a holiday that we celebrate to remember him The person isn't alive, but there is a Columbus in Ohio..
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What did Columbus do?

He sailed across the ocean blue. In fourteen hundred andninety-two. Sailing for the king and queen of Spain, Italian-born Columbus waslooking for a passage to China without g ( Full Answer )
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Who paid Columbus?

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Where did Columbus lived?

Christopher Columbus was an important man in history. He lived inItaly, Portugal, Porto Santo Island and Spain in his lifetime.
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Why did Columbus do what he did?

Well he at first was gunna sail west to try to get to Asia but he didnt realize that there was 2 massive continets and an ocean in between so when he landed on the islands he ( Full Answer )
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Is Columbus in Spain?

It depends on how you mean the question. If you are referring to the city of Columbus, NO, it is a city inOhio. If you are referring to the explorer, YES, Christopher Columb ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell Columbus?

The Latinized spelling of the explorer's name is Columbus .In the original Genoese Italian, his name was Cristoforo Colombo.
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Who was Columbus and what did he do?

Christophorus Columbus, who called himself Cristóbal Colón, was born in 'The Most Serene Republic of Genoa', 300 years before became a part of Italy. He sailed in the na ( Full Answer )
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Why was Columbus Ohio named Columbus?

Columbus Ohio founded and named after Steve Columbus ( StevoColumbo) in 1725. Steve Columbus was the Great Great Great Grandsonof Christopher Columbus.