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What are Joins in dbms?

  A join is a temporary relationship that you can create between two tables in a database query that do not already have an established relationship or common field with t (MORE)

What is entity of DBMS?

Entitie are the principal data object about which information is to be collected. Entities are usually reognizable concepts,either concrete or abstract, such as: person,univer (MORE)

What is a dBm?

it is the power ratio in decibels No, it isn't. dB on its own is a ratio. But when dB has a suffix, the figure is an absolute measurement, not a ratio. For instance, dBm is a (MORE)

What is a Lock in DBMS?

One major problem in databases is concurrency. Concurrency problems arise when multiple processes try to update or insert data into a database table at the same time. Such con (MORE)

What is a DBMS?

DataBase Management System (DBMS) is a software package that allows data to be effectively stored, retrieved and manipulated and the data stored in a DBMS packege can be ac (MORE)

What is DBMS and is its function?

A database management system (DBMS) is a software package with computer programs that controls the creation, maintenance, and use of a database. It allows organizations to con (MORE)

What are the applications of DBMS?

Data base system applications: 1.Universities: For student information, course details, and grades. 2.Airlines: For reservations and schedule information. 3.Credit card transa (MORE)

What is advanced dbms?

Simply stated, that is an acronym for an advanced 'Database Management System', which is a software package that would facilitate the development of various applicable databas (MORE)

What is the purpose of dbms?

What is the purpose of dbms?  DBMS is a software that organises the creation, storage and maintenance of Databases for end users.
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