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Where does come see come saw come from?

The correct phrase is "comme ci, comme ça" and is pronounced roughly, "kumm see, kumm sah". All it means is "Like this, like that". It is a French way of saying "so-so". Th (MORE)

What is the difference between where are you come from and where have you come from?

Where are you come from isn't grammatically correct. But both where are you from or Where do you come from- are correct. Use: Natives speakers usually use: Where are you fro (MORE)

Where did the phrase how come come from?

" "How come?" is actually a very interesting phrase. It seems to have been an American invention of the 19th century, although similar forms date back several hundred years in (MORE)

The British are coming the British are coming?

This phrase is attributed to Paul Revere on his legendary midnight  ride. He supposedly said it to warn patriots of the eminent British  invasion of the American Revolutiona (MORE)
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How come your period comes whenever?

Your period doesn't come 'whenever' - when your period is due  depends on your menstrual cycle, typically this is 28 days but it  can differ from person to person and irregu (MORE)