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How do you flirt with strangers?

  Answer   well you can start of by making eye contact across the room. Dont satre though as this will creep him/her out. Always smile, not a fully owned cheesy grin (MORE)

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How do you keep strangers out?

This begs the question: "Out of where?" There are several possibilities. Starting with the simplest, your life, the answer is equally as simple. Do not engage them. Don't ta (MORE)
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Are you a stranger?

yes No offense to you ^ but what kind of question is this?
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Who were the strangers on the mayflower?

The "Strangers" were common people- Servants, Craftspeople and poor farmers. The "Strangers" were not necessarily "poor folks" but anyone who was not a member of the Separatis (MORE)

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Husband-wife walking stranger comes and says this. What would be your reaction?

  In the US, if you're going out to a beach with your wife and you're walking back home & a drunk man, who is a complete stranger, just comes right in front of you and tel (MORE)