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Who said 'I love it when a plan comes together'?

A-Team It was the catch phrase of Col. John "Hannibal" Smith (who was the leader of the A-Team and played by George Peppard). you know guy gray hair smokes a cigar alot wh (MORE)

What is a place where bones come together?

Two bones come together at a joint or articulation. There  are many different types of joints such as the "hinge" joint, the  "ball and socket" joint, the "ellipsoid" joint, (MORE)

How did ACDC come together as a band?

AC/DC formed in 1973 , in Sydney, Australia, by brothers Malcolm & Angus young. The Young brothers began performing in bands when their family moved to Australia from Scotland (MORE)

What is coming together federation?

The independent states coming together on their own to form a bigger unit, so that by pooling sovereignty and retaining identity they can increase their security. This type of (MORE)

Who recorded come together after the beatles?

Aerosmith Micheal Jackson John Lennon Elton John Tom Jones Joe Cocker Tina Turner Diana Ross The Supremes The definitive cover of "Come Together" is probably (MORE)