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What rhymes with comfort?

advert, Albert, alert, assert, avert, blurt, braggart, concert, convert, covert, culvert, curt, desert, dessert, dirt, divert, effort, exert, expert, filbert, flirt, Frankfort (MORE)

How do you comfort a girl?

Hmm...Well, when I'm sad, I just like for my boyfriend to lay down with me and hold me close to him. Cuddles are good. He's sweet by nature, so he tells me not to cry and that (MORE)

What was the CSS Comfort?

CSS comfort stands for comfort seating system. It provides thebenefits of adjustable positioning and pressure management whilemaintaining a stylish look.

What is a comforter?

The bible speaks of a comforter which means that only if a person is born again according to john 3:16.. thay have a right to be comforted by the spirit of god,exsample of th (MORE)