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What is a comfort break?

  Euphemism   A comfort break is just corporate jargon, a euphemism for a toilet/ smoke break. It is used by people who do not like to admit that their digestive syst (MORE)

How comfortable are diapers?

for sure much more comfortable then go to the bathroom. I wear diapers all the time and won´t miss them anymore.
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Are condoms comfortable?

Condoms are some what uncomfortable if you are a first time user.They come in many sizes and if you get the wrong size then it either maybe too constricting or too large to ke (MORE)

How do you comfort someone?

Go up to them & sit down with them. Ask them if they would like a hug, to sit & talk, anything to take their mind off what they are thinking about.
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How are cars comfortable?

I guess you're referring to ads where they say how comfortable the vehicle is. I guess it depends on the seats in a car. Probably the leg room, too. Like, the leather might be (MORE)

What is the definition of comfortable?

  Answer   Definitions of "Comfortable" according to the American Heritage Dictionary: com·fort·a·ble (kŭm'fər-tə-bəl, kŭmf'tə-bəl, kŭmf'tər-) adjecti (MORE)

What rhymes with comfort?

advert, Albert, alert, assert, avert, blurt, braggart, concert, convert, covert, culvert, curt, desert, dessert, dirt, divert, effort, exert, expert, filbert, flirt, Frankfort (MORE)

What is the plural of comfortable?

The word 'comfortable' is an adjective . Adjectives do nothave plural forms. Adjectives have degrees: . positive = comfortable . comparative = more comfortable . superlat (MORE)

What is the noun for comfort?

The word 'comfort' is both a verb and a noun.   The noun 'comfort' is a word for a state of physical ease; a  freedom from pain or constraint; a word for a thing.   (MORE)