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What are commentaries in writing?

  commentaries in writting are you own opinion. lets say you had a tlq plus a cm (commentary), you would say:   For example, when Gregory is fighting with Sampson in (MORE)

What is a commentary analysis?

Commentary is within analysis which includes details, diction, imagery, and syntax. Commentary is focused on a passage while analysis is the theme or "big picture." Commentary (MORE)

Examples of commentary?

Commentary involves a person narrating the action. A great example  of commentary would be sports announcers. They recap the action  virtually as it happens.

Commentary in English?

Commentary is something that is often done on a story that is being  read. It basically means that the person reading is analyzing the  information as they go.

What is an analytical commentary?

An Analytical Commentary is basically an essay providing the - setting the scene, quotes from the scene, literary devices/elements and analysis... At minimum you should have a (MORE)

What are the commentaries in the Torah?

The Torah itself doesn't contain comentaries. Throughout the history of Judaism, various Jewish scholars have written comentaries to explain the meaning of verses, provide sec (MORE)

How do you do commentary driving?

(scene: driving down a through street, 35 mph, 2 lanes both directions) A red light is coming up, there's a truck on the cross street to the right, a car to my left is comin (MORE)

What is the purpose of a commentary?

The purpose of a commentary is offer an opinion on a topic in written or verbal form.
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