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What is a commissar?

Commissar - Communist party officials assigned to the army to teach party principles and ensure party loyalty during The Russian Revolution.
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What was Stalin Commissar of?

Stalin was the Commissar of State Control and then the Commissar of Nationalities under Lenin.
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What was Leon Trotsky commissar of?

After the October Revolution and during the Russian Civil War, Trotsky was the Commissar of War. He organized the Red Army for Lenin and the Bolsheviks.
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What is the Decree of Council of People's commissars?

The Council of People's Commissars was formed after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, and passed many decrees before the election of the constituent assembly in 1918 implement ( Full Answer )
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What song has the words commissar in it?

i think you mean kommissar as in Der Kommissar by Falco a German pop singer who has passed away but sang this Hit song in 1981. .
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What does commissars mean?

The term commissar is Russian for commissioner. During the communist era, the term was used for powerful communist officials, who were notoriously tyrannical.