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American board of customs commissioners?

In 1767, when America is still part of the British Empire, Charles Townshends (Prime Minister of British) introduced a series of acts, named the Townshend's Acts. At the same (MORE)

What is a commissioner?

  A commisioner is basically a Lawyer with no Judge degree but has power to enforce Judgements just like a regular Judge would in the event that the judge is out on vacati (MORE)

What is the definition of President commissioner?

In Indonesia, instead of a Board of Directors, they have a Board of Commissioners, where the CHairman id called the President COmmissioner. To clarify, the Indonesian Board of (MORE)

Who is the present Election Commissioner of India?

Navin Chawla was the 16th Chief Election Commissioner of India since 21 April 2009 but now he is succeceded by Shahabuddin Yaqoob Quraishi and now the 17th and the present CEC (MORE)

What is Commissioner of Oaths in Farsi?

سلام دوست عزیزم، خوشحالم  افتخار آشنایی با شما رو دارم، ممنونم از زحماتتان، چند روزی است سایت  ج (MORE)