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What are commodities?

A Commodity is an item traded strictly on price. This can be anything--for instance, Windows PCs are a commodity item. When a company wants to buy some computers, they decide (MORE)
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What is considered as an commodity?

A commodity, in the financial market context, will normally mean anything sold as contracts for a particular quantity on a commodity exchange somewhere in the world. Many comm (MORE)

What are commodities fund?

A commodities fund is a "Basket" or group of commodities that have been pooled together in order to manipulate risk. The fund is usually created and managed by a fund manager, (MORE)

Is paper a Commodity?

Yes. It can also be a branded good. Commodity paper is sold by type of stock and basis weight--80 pound enamel text, for instance. If you call your paper dealer and ask for a (MORE)

Where can you get food commodities?

It depends on a few how much you want and when you want it. If you need a REALLY small amount, like the amount that'll fit in a five-gallon bucket, try your loc (MORE)