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How can you use the word commodious in a sentence?

The commodious wash room in the hotel is quite untidy. There was plenty of room for all of her clothes in the commodious walk-in closet. Commodious and spacious, th ( Full Answer )
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What is the comparative form of the word commodious?

The comparative and superlative form of the adjective word"commodious" is "more commodious" and "most commodious"respectively. The word means roomy or spacious.
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Where is the commodious coat in wizardology?

The Lapp Sharman in Chapter IV is wearing the coat. The symbol is on the hem. The cloak is worn by Merlin on the last page.
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How do you get started trading commodies?

The first step in beginning to trade commodities is having capital. The steps after that will be attaining either a broker that you can hire, or educating yourself through mat ( Full Answer )
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How much money is needed to start trading commodies in Canada?

its better if you have a minimum of 5000$ . there are brokerages who offer you an account for as low as 250$ but the chances of you not losing that 250$ in the very first day ( Full Answer )
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What does commodious mean?

Commodious means something or somewhere that is comfortable. A goodsentence would be, the camper was commodious for its size.
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What is an example of commody money?

The term you are looking for is commodity money. Some examples of commodity money are gold and silver.