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How many games were on the Commodore 64?

It is hard to tell exactly how many games were released on the Commodore 64 since it depends on what definition you have of a game. Here are some possible variations: - Comm (MORE)

Does Commodore Computers still exist?

In short: No, the old Commodore went bankrupt and never came back. The new Commodore you see now is a company that bought the naming rights. They are trying to make a buck on (MORE)

How much memory in a commodore 64?

The Commodore 64 was equipped with 64 kilobytes (KB) or 65536 bytes of memory (64*1024). It was possible to expand this memory with a memory expansion plugged in the back alt (MORE)

What is a Commodore?

The rank of "Commodore" is an honorary one, not an actual Navy rank (at least not in today's Navy). A Commodore is a Senior Navy Captain who is a Squadron Commander of a group (MORE)

Who invented the Holden commodore?

  The original Commodore was adapted in Australia from a European Opel design, with items such as independent rear suspension replaced by simpler parts, the old Holden "Re (MORE)

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