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Why do people value common sense?

I've wondered this question for long, too. I believe that most people value common sense, because they can't imagine what other type of sense their is. And this lack of awaren (MORE)

Who wrote common sense and what is common sense?

Thomas Paine is the author of the pamphlet called "Common Sense". The pamphlet "Common Sense" argued that citizens should be able to make decisions about their own governmen (MORE)

Who said common sense was the least common of senses?

Anonymous saying, dating back at least to its citation in Natural Theology (1836) by Thomas Chalmers, Bk. II, Ch. III : On the Strength of the Evidences for a God in the Pheno (MORE)

What was the common sense?

  I think the common sense was something that Thomas Paine wrote. He wrote it in the 1700's. It was convincing to many people. It made the colonist who were Patriots give (MORE)

What was common sense about?

Thomas Paine wrote the famous pamphlet, Common Sense, in 1776. The  pamphlet was about the need for the colonies to break away from  English rule. It was written in clear la (MORE)
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How do you teach common sense?

Common Sense = Voice + Logic + Predicting Consequences    Teaching Common Sense =   Debate (not discussion; participating often to build self-esteem) +   Critic (MORE)

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What are the five common senses?

The five of the common senses are innocence, nonsense, common sense, concupiscence and horse sense.
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