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What does commonwealth mean?

A Commonwealth is a group of countries, including Australia and New Zealand, that were once British colonies and that share a heritage of British law and government. The ter (MORE)
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What is a commonwealth?

A commonwealth is any political entity that was founded on law and united by a compact for the good of the people. # The people of a nation or state; the body politic. # A (MORE)
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What are the Commonwealth Nations?

The Commonwealth of Nations is an organization of nations which were once under British Rule. This includes Malaysia, Canada, etc. Not all Commonwealth members were once (MORE)
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Why is the commonwealth called the commonwealth?

It is a very old English term, dating back to the 15th century. Itmeans "community for the common good". The 15th century term was'common weal', 'weal' meaning 'well-being'. T (MORE)
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What was the commonwealth?

There have been several Commonwealths in history that no longerexist. The one most usually referred to as simply 'theCommonwealth' was the government of England following the (MORE)
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Who started the Commonwealth?

The United Kingdom started the Commonwealth. Rather, the British Empire, as it was at the time.
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Where is the commonwealth?

"The Commonwealth" is usually taken to mean the Commonwealth of Nations, formerly known as the British Commonwealth of Nations. Its members are located throughout the world, i (MORE)
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What is the aim of commonwealth?

Commonwealth is a group of 54 countries. All except Mozambique & Rwanda were once under the control of Britain. These countries work for the common causes as per declaration o (MORE)
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What states are commonwealths?

In the United States Massachusetts , Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are styled commonwealths, not states, although functionally there is no difference. The United state (MORE)