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What is a Satellite communication?

Satellite communication is when a signal gets sent to space,  bounces off of a satellite, and comes back to Earth. This is a very  common source of communication.

What is up converter in satellite communication?

Every information sent and received through satellite communication has to have an address to enable the communication process of signal delivery and reception. This naming of (MORE)

How satellite communication is different from communication relay?

For communication satellites the range is much higher than that of communication relay. Communication Satellite can cover up to several thousands of kilometers. For communicat (MORE)

Explain how a communications satellite is used?

A communications satellite operates as a transceiver (TRANSmitter - reCEIVER). Signals from a base station on Earth are sent to a satellite receiver. The data is either stored (MORE)

What do communication satellites do?

They relay information and data transmitted from one area of Earth to another. Signals are transmitted via radio dish to the satellite from one region of the planet, which the (MORE)

What is a communications satellite?

A communications (telecommunications) satellite is a satellite that relays all forms of electronic communication -- telephone, television, internet, etc. Signals go up to it a (MORE)

What is microwave and satellite communication?

The term microwave is associated to electromagnetic waves of frequency of the order of MHz .Since the energy carried by the wave is directly proportional to their frequency t (MORE)

What are communication satellites?

  Communication satellites receive signals from antennae on the Earth's surface, or from other satellites, amplify the signals, and beam them back to Earth. Because they a (MORE)