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What is a Satellite communication?

Satellite communication is when a signal gets sent to space,  bounces off of a satellite, and comes back to Earth. This is a very  common source of communication.

How satellite communication is different from communication relay?

For communication satellites the range is much higher than that of communication relay. Communication Satellite can cover up to several thousands of kilometers. For communicat (MORE)
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What is frequency reuse in communications satellite?

A technique called frequency reuse allows satellites to communicate with a number of ground stations using the same frequency, by transmitting in narrow beams pointed toward e (MORE)

What is slant range in satellite communication?

Slant range is the LOS (line of site ) distance between the earth  station and the satellite and it is very important in satellite  link calculation .For instance to calcula (MORE)

What do communication satellites do?

They relay information and data transmitted from one area of Earth to another. Signals are transmitted via radio dish to the satellite from one region of the planet, which the (MORE)

What is a communications satellite?

A communications (telecommunications) satellite is a satellite that relays all forms of electronic communication -- telephone, television, internet, etc. Signals go up to it a (MORE)

What are communication satellites?

  Communication satellites receive signals from antennae on the Earth's surface, or from other satellites, amplify the signals, and beam them back to Earth. Because they a (MORE)

How are satellites used for communication?

The first communications satellites were simply metalized mylar balloons that could reflect radio signals that struck them. Being a couple of hundred miles from the surfac (MORE)

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