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Who was the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party after Lenin died?

Joseph Stalin held the position of "General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party" before and after Lenin died in 1924. There was no such position as "Gene (MORE)

What is communist party?

The Communist party is a type of government where the government  decides what a person is going to do for a living. The government  also dictates how a person lives their l (MORE)

Who led the Communist Party in Russia?

The Communist party of Russia is considered by many as successor of  communist party of the Soviet Union. In 1993 after banning of  Communist party of Soviet Union by Boris (MORE)

Why did the communist party succeed in taking power in china?

Just a few years after World War II concluded, the Communists  succeeded in taking power in China for two general reasons. First,  their Nationalist opponents were notorious (MORE)