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Is the Communist Party illegal?

Yes, in any countries that are not communist countries, the communist party is illegal in those countries because their laws banned the communist party to protect people. More (MORE)

Was West Germany a communist nation?

No West Germany and West Berlin were democracies. East Germany as well as East Berlin functioned under a communist regime. West Germany's government was under influence from t (MORE)

What is communist party?

The Communist party is a type of government where the government  decides what a person is going to do for a living. The government  also dictates how a person lives their l (MORE)

Is Germany communist?

East Germany was communist under Soviet control after Adolf Hitler was a ruler, but not any more.
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What was the fate of communists in Nazi Germany?

  1. The Communists in Germany were the first target when the Nazis came to power in 1933. The Party was banned, and many Communist Party officials and elected representat (MORE)

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