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What is community?

A community is a collection of different populations that live together in an area. Communtiy mean one person wish to fullfill al his own desires but he can,t fulfill it so to (MORE)

Where is communism?

Contaray to public belief, communism technicaly doesn't exist. By definition, communism is the final stage of socialism where government seizes to exist. Many countries in Afr (MORE)

What is communism?

A Communist is one who adheres or claims to adhere to the theories of Karl Marx, often supplemented by the ideas of other thinkers. The Ideal of Communism espouses the idea th (MORE)

What is a commune?

A commune is also called an "intentional community." It is a relatively small community whose members share common interests, work and income and often own property collectiv (MORE)

What is communalism?

Belief in or practice of communal ownership, as of goods and property. . Strong devotion to the interests of one's own minority or ethnic group rather than those of society a (MORE)

What do you do in communism?

Have you been to communist countries?I don't think so.I have been there and saw the truth you live normally of course in a different country than yours might be a little chang (MORE)

Who did communism?

Communism was a philosophy started by German Philosophist Karl Marx. He wrote the "Communist Manifesto" which states his ideas.
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What is communism-?

Communism is a type of government which relies on thecollectivization of goods and labor to be equal to all the peoplebeing governed.