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Where is communism?

Contaray to public belief, communism technicaly doesn't exist. By definition, communism is the final stage of socialism where government seizes to exist. Many countries in Afr (MORE)
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What is community?

A community is a collection of different populations that live together in an area. Communtiy mean one person wish to fullfill al his own desires but he can,t fulfill it so to (MORE)

What is the definition of reinvestment assumption?

The definition of reinvestment assumption is an assumption made  concerning the rate of return that can be earned on the cash flows  generated by capital budgeting projects. (MORE)

In 1977 Dennis C Hayes invented a computer component that is essential to computer communication What was his invention?

AT command set for controlling and setting up modems. He did not invent modems. Bell Labs had invented them long before that. The first modems were used on the SAGE air defen (MORE)
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Direct reinvestment plan advantages and disadvantages?

By Marshall Loeb, MarketWatch NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- In volatile markets, it's easy to lose your cool and stray from your investment goals. One tool that can help you stay (MORE)
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Why did some governors object to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ARRA?

Some governors objected to the American Recovery and Reinvestment  Act because government funds were not shared equally among states.  States with large automotive plants su (MORE)