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What is a witch's companion?

A Witch's companion is often a black cat, or a familiar.   A familiar is a creature said to feed from a numb spot on the Witch where the blood doesn't flow. They are said t (MORE)

Is companion a noun?

Yes, the word companion is a noun, a singular, common noun. The noun 'companion' is a concrete noun as a word for a person or thing that is paired with another. The noun 'com (MORE)
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Who is dioysus's companion?

i dont think he has one but is he does id have to say wine
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What does the companions do?

Companion, specifically a sober companion provides one-on-one assistance to newly recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. The goal is to help the client maintain total abstine (MORE)
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Can you have a companion in Oblivion?

You can complete the arena and kill the Grey Prince, leave the arena and you will be approached by the adoring fan.
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What is a companion in Doctor Who?

  A type of assistant of the Doctor by creating scientific theory through the Doctor's time travel.       Answered by Whovian Mitchell Lewis who now watches the Bri (MORE)
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Are you considerate companion?

A considerate companion is crucial to a good relationship. Companions can be there for support, advice and partnership. These qualities can help strengthen an existing relat (MORE)