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What do you expect in our company?

I expect the companies that I deal with to treat customers fairly  and with respect. I appreciate good customer service and helpful  staff.
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Can a company be a promoter of another company?

Yes, there are definitely cases where a company can be a promoter of another company and there are also opportunities for one company to get another company work contracts thr (MORE)

What is a company profile?

  Answer   It is an overview of the insurance company, structure, financials, etc. company profile: business details such as company name, address, age, business str (MORE)

What does IT companies do?

  Answer   There are different types of IT (Information Technology) companies. Some deal in IT (computers, networks, hardware and software) sales and service, install (MORE)

What is a company?

  A group of people who come together to discuss about things or just have fun. A company is also like "The hershey company" etc. there are alot of different type of compa (MORE)

What can you bring to company?

You can say you bring your years of experience, your education and  your personality. You can say you bring your commitment to  excellence and your imagination for innovatio (MORE)