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What is a comparative noun?

Nouns do not have comparative forms.   Adjectives have comparative forms, for example:    cold (positive)  colder (comparative)  coldest (superlative)   
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What is comparing in science?

comparing means the word itself "compare"   compare means you put two or more objects and you see   the differences and observe them.
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What is comparative scale?

comparative scale is a pair of scales having a common R.F. but graduated to read different units. A map drawn with a scale reading miles and furlongs can be measured off direc (MORE)

What is comparator?

n electronics, a comparator is a device that compares two voltages or currents and switches its output to indicate which is larger. They are commonly used in devices such as a (MORE)

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Is it compared to or compared with?

Both are correct in different circumstance. We use compared to when the subjects are of different orders, for example Compared to a brick, this car is aerodynamic. We use comp (MORE)

What can you compare a cilia to?

Cilia are some of the appendages used for cell movement. They could  be compared to the tires of a car since they are used for movement.   Most are used to move things li (MORE)
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What is comparative of rude?

The comparative form of rude is ruder, and the  superlative form is rudest. It is common to form the  comparative and superlative of short words like this by adding -er  an (MORE)
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Comparative of well?

Comparative adverbs and adjectives are used when describing things.  The comparative of well is better.