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When do you say 'compare with' and 'compare to'?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n"He compared me TO Dolly Parton" means he suggested I was comparable to her or put me in the same class; "He compared me WITH Dolly Parton" means he (MORE)

What is a comparative?

A "comparative" probably refers to a "comparative adjective". An adjective describes a noun. (A noun is a person, place, thing or idea.) In other words, it gives informatio (MORE)

What is comparator?

n electronics, a comparator is a device that compares two voltages or currents and switches its output to indicate which is larger. They are commonly used in devices such as (MORE)
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Is it compared to or compared with?

Both are correct in different circumstance. We use compared to when the subjects are of different orders, for example Compared to a brick, this car is aerodynamic. We use comp (MORE)

What can you compare a cell to?

I had a project like this, I did a cell is like a city and I made the following organellescompared to everyday use from cities: Chloroplasts-Solar Panels Nucleus- Mayor Cell (MORE)

What are the comparative?

Could you reframe question in full? Comparative careers are best if you have chosen to work in the field you excel and not what is popular as it wont be so a few years later (MORE)