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What is comparison?

Comparison is setting one thing alongside another to look for similarities, differences and relative sizes or other properties.
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What is biochemical comparison?

Biochemical comparisons are limited to comparing two living lifeforms. Before the comparison can be made, you have to study thegenetic relationship between the two living thin (MORE)

Difference between comparison to and comparison with?

These are commonly used interchangeably, and the distinction between them is a small one. "Comparison to" should be used when comparison is made between specific people, th (MORE)
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What does comparison?

comparison mean not being fair if you use a sentence this how it sound like the comparison between Joseph and jack quite and unfair

What does comparisons mean?

A comparison becomes odious when one compares the performance of, say three prime ministers who had ruled at the different times and under different circumstances. It it then (MORE)

Why comparison shop?

Comparison shopping is a great way to find good prices on amazing things. If you go to TJ Maxx they have stuff from lots of different stores. It's kind of like a place to buy (MORE)

How do you comparison?

You have to consider the things, or people in question, with regard to some characteristic that is common in both