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What is the database management system?

Answer   Database is a collection of related data while database management system is a software which is use to access the database.   A database is an accumulation (MORE)

ADVANTAGES of database management system?

One advantage of having a database management system is the fact  that it can store a lot of information about customers. Another  advantage is the fact that businesses can (MORE)

What is characteristics of database management system?

Basic Characteristics of DBMS • Represents complex relationship between data • Controls data redundancy. • Enforces user defined rules. • Ensures data sharing. (MORE)

What is meant by a Relational Database Management System?

A "Relational Database Management System" (RDBMS) is a method of arranging data records such that they have something in common with each other (i.e., they can "relate" to eac (MORE)

Disadvantage of Relational database management system?

Hi, Relational database system is machine performance. If the number of tables between which relationships to be established are large and the tables themselves are volumino (MORE)