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What is a Motion to Compel?

If you are involved in a lawsuit the opposing side is allowed to receive certain documents from you as part of the discovery process. The documents were probably already asked (MORE)
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What does compel mean?

It means to force or to require. A lawsuit-related use of the term is a Motion to Compel. This is a request by one side of the case (say, the Plaintiff) to compel (require) (MORE)
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What does compelled mean?

It means to have an urge or feel a need to do. A few examples, I saw your question was unanswered, so I felt compelled to answer, if you see a homeless person, and you feel co (MORE)
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Sentence with compel?

His sister compelled him to go to a Justin Bieber concert, but after the concert he became a Belieber
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Can vampires compel you?

Yes, vampires can compel you to do things you would not wish to do. In mythology, vampires have a range of abilities, from super strength, speed and immortality, to overwhelmi (MORE)
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What is compel as an adjective?

The participles compelling and compelled are used asadjectives (the first more often than the second). There is also anadjective related to the noun compulsion, which is c (MORE)
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Is compelful a word?

No. The word compel is a verb, and does not use the suffix -ful(makes adjectives from nouns). The adjectives related to the verb compel are the predicates:compelling and compe (MORE)
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What is the synonym of compelling?

convincing, telling, powerful, forceful, conclusive, weighty, cogent, irrefutable, pressing, binding, urgent, overrriding, imperative, unavoidable, coercive, gripping
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How do you spell Compel?

That is the correct spelling of the verb "compel" (force, require). The similar word is compile , to collect or gather.
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Why are you compelled to answer questions?

Hmm. I don't know if I am externally compelled, but the reason I feel internally compelled is that I want to be able to help people, and often you can do that by answering the (MORE)