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What is a Compensator on a handgun and what does it do?

A compensator on a handgun is something that vents the hot gasses and pressure upward, which pushes the barrel downward. This is a way of reducing muzzle rise or muzzle "flip" (MORE)

What is VA compensation?

  The Veterans Administration compensates survivors of US soldiers, whether deceased in an active duty-related incident or not. It especially addresses the needs of a sold (MORE)

What is worker's compensation?

  Answer     Workers' compensation systems (workers comp or compo) exist to protect employees who have incurred work-related injuries. These laws are usually a f (MORE)

What is a brake compensator?

a brake compensator aka proportioning to the fact that the front brakes useually do 70 percent of the stopping the compensator reduces the pressure of the brake fluid (MORE)

What is retrenchment compensation?

Retrenchment means lay off of employees from the company on account of many reasons like, company going in debt or company's need to cut down the payroll, etc. The compensatio (MORE)

Van Reverses into Car to Claim Compensation

This driver intentionally backed his van�into the hood of another car in order to receive the insurance claim that came with getting rear-ended. However,�unbeknownst to hi (MORE)

Deferred Compensation and Life Insurance

Deferred Compensation plans, also known as Salary Continuation plans, are used by businesses to reward and retain certain key employees while minimizing their current taxes. (MORE)

Mutual Fund Managers: Does Pay Impact Performance?

When you invest in a mutual fund, you are not directly paying the fund manager. The cost of the fund is determined by the investment advisor who in turn, hires the management. (MORE)

What is load compensation?

compensation of load by connecting a compensating device which  adjust the real and reactive power in the distribution side or load  side.

What is workers compensation?

Worker's compensation is a type of insurance provided by employers in case an individual gets injured on the job. Worker's compensation pays an employee for medical care and l (MORE)