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What is VA compensation?

  The Veterans Administration compensates survivors of US soldiers, whether deceased in an active duty-related incident or not. It especially addresses the needs of a sold (MORE)

How were Japanese Americans compensated for internment?

Right after the war, no one was compensated. Those who had once owned land, (and it was only the children of the Japanese immigrants who could own property since their parent (MORE)

What is load compensation?

compensation of load by connecting a compensating device which  adjust the real and reactive power in the distribution side or load  side.
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What is difference between lag compensator and lead compensator?

The difference between a lag compensator and lead compensator is  that the lead compensator modify the transient response of the  system while the lag compensator modifies t (MORE)

What is the Compensation of a Congressman?

  The current salary (2008) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $169,300 per year.
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Do you being fairly compensated?

There are a number of ways in which you could evaluate whether or  not you've been fairly compensated. You could look at pay.
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The president is fairly compensated?

Many would indeed agree that the president is fairly compensated.  He makes approximately $400,000 annually for serving the country  and adhering to his presidential duties. (MORE)