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What is frequency compensation?

Frequency compensation is a technique used in amplifiers. Itbasically controls the sound of the amplifier to make it soundclear and free of positive feedback.
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What is compensation?

Compensation is something given, received, or done to make up for something. It can be something (such as money) given or received as payment or reparation, or can refer to; (MORE)
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What is compensation management?

Compensation management refers to a set of policies implemented bycompanies to ensure that workers are paid fairly. This is becausesalaries account for the majority of an orga (MORE)

Objectives of compensation?

You need to include in the statement what type of compensation youare expecting. You may also include the amount of compensation youhave received in the past.

What do you mean by compensation?

Compensation means Money given or received as payment or reparation for a service, loss or personal injury. Personal Injury claims consist of personal injury, serious injur (MORE)

What is monetary compensation?

Monetary compensation awarded/awardable to a party injured as a result of a breach of contract or a negligent act ; the injury sustained due to misfeasance, negligence or bre (MORE)