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What is compiler?

A compiler is an intermediate program between human friendly language and machine language, that translate High level language to Machine language (codes). This helps Programm (MORE)

What is compiler and stages of compiler?

1. Computer Science. A program that translates another program written in a high-level language into machine language so that it can be executed.   2. Computer software (MORE)

What is a compiler?

COMPILER :   It is an "INTERPRETER" which takes the instruction from the user(program/any thing) and converts onto the systems language('0' and '1' binary language) for doi (MORE)

What is compiling?

  Answer   A computer can understand instructions written in a specific machine dependent format, which unfortunately are very cryptic to be written directly. So we (MORE)
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What are the purpose of compilers?

A compiler is used to translate a coding such as Java into a program that a computer's operating system can read, understand, and launch without errors.
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Is c a compiler?

  No, C is a computer programming language. The compiler is what translates human-readable code into machine language.
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Why you need compiler?

You don't need if you don't want to develop computer programs. But if you want you should use it, for you can not make programs without a compiler. Compiler is the programs t (MORE)