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Answer to a complaint?

If you are served a complaint, you have 20 days to file your answer  with the court. In your answer, you admit or deny the allegations  in the complaint.

What are consumer complaints?

A complaint is an expression of displeasure, such as low quality service at a store, or from a local government, etc.
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What is complaint letter?

A complaint letter is a letter written by a Customer of a service/products commenting on poor service/product. It usually outlines the fault(s) with the service and highlights (MORE)

What is a complaintent?

A complaintant is a person or entity that files a statemet with a person, agency, or the government alleging that there has been an injury, property damage, crime, right viola (MORE)
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What is sentence for complaint?

I have several sentences for you. . He has a legitimate complaint. . I've got no complaint with you. . There was no complaint from the group when the boss ended the meeti (MORE)

How do you file an answer to a complaint?

Court procedure and legal requirements will vary from state to state. Some courts have optional forms that you can use. Here is an example form California: http://www.courtinf (MORE)

What is customer complaint?

A customer complaint is when a customer id dissatisfied with a  product or service and will complain about it to management. Many  people take advantage of this kind of situ (MORE)

What is a complaintant in a warrant?

  The complaintant or complaintants are the people that have gathered evidence through investigation and then formed the proper charges based upon probable cause that are (MORE)
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Is complaints a verb?

The word "complaints" is not a verb. It is a noun as it is a word that describes a thing or a conveyed thought. The word "complain", however, is a verb as it describes the act (MORE)
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What is letter of complaint?

A letter of complaint is a letter written by a consumer to a  company in order to complain about a product or service that they  received.