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What is complementary medicine?

Complementary Medicine is a non-primary care system of health care or specific treatment that is not usually expected to replace a conventional medicine but rather is used in (MORE)

What are complementary tones?

Complimentary tones are two tones or attitudes found in a passage, story, etc. These two tones are different but complimentary--in other words, they go well together... i.e. e (MORE)
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What is complementary branding?

Complementary branding is when two products are marketed or advertised together to suggest use. For example, placing Hershey's Syrup on the outside of the freezer door for Blu (MORE)
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What is complementary to CGT AT?

In DNA, C pairs with G, and A pairs with T.   This means that GCATA is complementary to CGTAT.
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What is complementary sequence?

When DNA and/or RNA are in the double helix configuration each  helix is the complementary sequence of the other.
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