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What is a complete subject?

The subject is the doer of the action. A complete subject is  the entire subject phrase, the doer of the action and all  modifiers. Every sentence has a subject. Do not conf (MORE)

What is a COMPLETE family..?

I think having a complete family means having a mother and father that actually love one another, They form a bond and a circle of trust with one another, then they have child (MORE)
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What is completeness of communication?

Completeness - The communication must be complete. It should convey all facts required by the audience. The sender of the message must take into consideration the receiver's m (MORE)

What is sentence completion?

After most verbs a completion is added. A completion is a set of words or a phrase that makes the meaning of the verb clear. For example, "The woman stopped", a completion is (MORE)
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What is complete dominance?

 Definition   noun   A kind of dominance wherein the dominant  allele completely masks the effect of the recessive  allele in heterozygous condition.    Supplem (MORE)

How do you complete icescape?

1st go to tool box, open, and get the screwdriver. get gloves to right of tool box. move desk below vent use screwdriver. go to trash can get wire cutters and hat off of count (MORE)

What is a complete diet?

A complete diet is one that is balanced and gives you the daily  recommended nutrients that your body requires. A complete diet  consists of protein, good fats and good carb (MORE)

What is a sentence for completely?

The driveway is completely covered with snow. Are you sure the meat is completely cooked? Mom was completely surprised when the flowers arrived. The kidnapping completely (MORE)