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What is a procedure?

Answer 1 what is the steps to your science project ect,. Answer 2 . A procedure is a fixed, step-by-step sequence of activities or course of action (with definite sta ( Full Answer )
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What is procedure?

It is the order that an event may happen if it is planned; the way something is meant to be made or to happen.
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What is a complex?

A sentence with at least one independent clause and one dependentclause is known as a complex sentence. A complex is also a group ofbuildings that are related in some way.
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What are the procedures?

Procedures are nothing but a function used in TASM its used to reduce the length of program, TASM is a programming language which deals with microprocessor.
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How should help desk procedures address complex problems that require administrative intervention?

The main function of the Help Desk is to receive problem calls, log those call and distribute the problems for solving to the appropriate personnel. Help Desk personnel can al ( Full Answer )
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Is there such a complex-complex sentence?

no, a complex-complex sentence is just a complex sentence. there is no such thing as a complex-complex sentence.
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What is time complexity and space complexity?

Time complexity :: The amount of computer time the program needs to run it to completion. Space complexity :: The amount of memory it needs to run to completion.
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When using a more complex formula a spreadsheet has to decide which operations to use first. what procedure does a spreadsheet use to do this?

It follows the laws of mathematics which determines the precedence of the operators. Operations inside brackets are done first. Power of or exponentiation has the highest prec ( Full Answer )
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What is a procedure-?

pro·ce·dure. prəˈsējər/. noun . noun: procedure ; plural noun: procedures . an established or official way of doing something.. "the police are now rev ( Full Answer )