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What are complex questions?

A complex question is a trick question, or multiple question  combination or a plurium interrogationum. It is a question that has  a presupposition that is considered comple (MORE)

What are complex organisms?

Complex organisms are organisms that have the whole complete systems that manage us to stay healthy and keep alive.These organisms can rather be say as perfect living things. (MORE)

What is a complex?

A sentence with at least one independent clause and one dependent  clause is known as a complex sentence. A complex is also a group of  buildings that are related in some wa (MORE)
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What are mRNP complexes?

It means mRNA protein. They are mainly responsible for the transport of mRNA out of the nuclear pores after transcription. EJC and TAP are some mRNPs. I hope this helps.
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What is GERL Complex?

It's a Golgi-associated endoplasmic reticulum from which lysosomes form. The Golgi-system is connected to the endoplasmic reticulum. They produce lysosomes.