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What is the messiah complex?

  An extremely egotist attitude. Someone with a messiah complex believes he has the solution to all problems and no other person's opinion even needs to be considered.
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How are humans complex?

We have so many unique systems in our body that each within themselves are complex. We have trillions of cells all over our body. Our body has ways of protecting ourselves fro (MORE)
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What are complex decimals?

They are numbers in the complex field where the two components - the real and imaginary parts - are expressed in decimal form.
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What is a complex molecule?

A complex molecule is a molecule that contains many atoms. Examples of some types of complex molecules are DNA, lipids, and hydrocarbons The opposite would be molecules such a (MORE)
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What is aminoate complex?

Aminoates are also produced synthetically as an alternative to naturally chelated minerals.So it means synthetic.

What is napoleon complex?

A 'napoleon complex' is a type of mental condition in which a person attempts to compensate for what they believe to be inadequacies in some facet of their being by capitalisi (MORE)
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What is a complex decimal?

A complex decimal is a combination of a real number and an  imaginary number. A few examples include 123 + i = 123i.
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What is a complex cyst?

Complex Cyst is a common problem, it occurs in the childbearing age  of a woman. A complex ovarian cyst is made up of fluid and solid  contents.

How do you cope with complexity?

You have to slice down the complexity into minor complex groups, then identify two hot points: the one which requires immediate action because it is burning your hands NOWthe (MORE)