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What is organic compliant?

Organic compliant means that one has met all of the requirements ofthe USDA organic program or another organic certification program.This means meeting both the growing method (MORE)

Compliant to or compliant with?

Comparison: What's best or correct use of "Compliant", is it "Compliant with"? or "Compliant to"? . The answer is: "Compliant with":. "compliant with" is correct use. e.g. (MORE)

What is w3c compliant?

It is a standard set by the W3C organisation which has many members. for example home page codes , search engines and layouts. all are coded by the w3c complaince also ge (MORE)

What is a compliant material?

A compliant material is a material that conforms to regulations or even a building code. It is a material that has recognised, predictable and consistent properties. A materia (MORE)
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What is compliant pro?

CompliantPro is fully web-based compliance management software that provides modules for creating a completely integrated system for quality management, environmental manageme (MORE)
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What is a PCI Compliant and what does it do?

"PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards were created to protect personal information and ensure security when using a credit or debit card. All banks issuing cards, (MORE)