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What is complicity to theft?

Accused of stealing because you was with the person who committed the crime. Another View: The above answer factually desribes someone who is an active ACCOMPLICE in the comm (MORE)
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What is complicity to murder?

Complicity to murder is when you have something to do with the murder... EX: if you set up two people to meet and one of them gets killed you are guilty because if it would ha (MORE)

What is the meaning of complicated?

 It means difficult to analyze or understand; advanced, hard.   A relationship that is "complicated" is one that is unusual, has its ups and downs probably more frequen (MORE)

Why are relationships complicated?

Relationships are not complicated, Its your thought process which tracks your mind into confusion & then it leads to complication. Let them live like they want but always guid (MORE)

What is the complication of IV?

There are a few complications. Two serious ones are phlebitis, which is inflammation and red streaks usually up the arm or, infiltration which is swelling and coolness at the (MORE)

Why is love complicated?

Love is an emotion, and emotions are always complicated. Love is so strong, so raw, that it has to be complicated o make sure people don't make mistakes.

What is a complication?

A complication is a difficulty or obstacle that arises in a  previously normal, average, or good situation. These can range from  minor to very serious. Friends might "compl (MORE)