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What is the meaning of complicated?

 It means difficult to analyze or understand; advanced, hard.   A relationship that is "complicated" is one that is unusual, has its ups and downs probably more frequen (MORE)
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What are the complications of hpv?

HPV, or the Human Papillomavirus, is an extremely common form of sexually transmitted disease. The potential complications from an HPV infection can include genital or anal w (MORE)

What is a complication?

A complication is a difficulty or obstacle that arises in a  previously normal, average, or good situation. These can range from  minor to very serious. Friends might "compl (MORE)

What are complications?

something that is complicated. ummm the answer above me isn't quite right lol..... anyway a complication is a struggle between a character and a specific problem. It is normal (MORE)
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What you can do after the complication?

For those who had LASIK and are now experiencing complications \\  side effects like dry eyes, glare at night, blurry vision or eye  pain there is treatment, without further (MORE)

What is complicity to theft?

Accused of stealing because you was with the person who committed the crime. Another View: The above answer factually desribes someone who is an active ACCOMPLICE in the comm (MORE)
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What is complicated silicosis?

Complicated. Patients with complicated silicosis have noticeable shortness of breath, weight loss, and extensive formation of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) in the lungs. These pat (MORE)