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What is are complimentary colors?

  complimentary colors are colors opposite each other on the color wheel like red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple
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What is complimentary rate in a hotel?

A complimentary rate at a hotel usually means that the guest staying in the guestroom does not pay a rate, essentially, it is a free room. Although, a complimentary room is us (MORE)

How do you spell complimentary?

That is the correct spelling of "complimentary" meaning done as a compliment (congratulations or praise). The similar word complementary means to make whole, to complete (impr (MORE)
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Are DNA strands complimentary?

If you are referring to two random DNA strands, then they may or may not be complimentary as they contain different nucleotides and code for different genes. However, if you a (MORE)
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What are complimentary strands?

In DNA, complementary strands are two strands of nucleotides that base pair by hydrogen bonds across the nitrogen basses of each nucleotide is such a way that A (adenine) alwa (MORE)

What is the relationship of salutation and complimentary close?

The relationship between the salutation and complimentary close is  that they should be equal in familiarity or formality, based  on the writers relationship of the writer a (MORE)