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What is a complimentary base and how are they complimentary?

Complimentary bases are bases that fit together. (Guanine and Cytosine & Adenine and Thymine). A & T are complimentary. G & C are, too. They are bases (the letters) that fit t (MORE)

How do you spell complimentary?

That is the correct spelling of "complimentary" meaning done as a compliment (congratulations or praise). The similar word complementary means to make whole, to complete (i (MORE)

What is complimentary proteins?

some protein sources are do not contain all the necessary amino acids so that is why grains are served with nuts, beans are served with grains or nuts are combine with beans
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What are complimentary strands?

In DNA, complementary strands are two strands of nucleotides that base pair by hydrogen bonds across the nitrogen basses of each nucleotide is such a way that A (adenine) alwa (MORE)

What is a Complimentary codon?

A complimentary codon is one that pairs with another codon according to the base pairing rule. For example, the DNA codon ATG is complimentary to the mRNA codon UAC.
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What is complimentary training?

Complimentary training is next step of training after fundamenta l training. It is stage of training when the trainees are divided into regiment or departments and trained (MORE)