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Is it comply with or comply to?

It is "comply with" or "conform to" not "comply to." To act in agreement with rules or requests. Definitely comply with
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Is Comply with your request correct?

You can say: I comply with your request ( I am obedient to your request or order whatever). In other words, I do exactly whatever you want me to do.

What is fait a compli?

Something that is already done, no longer changeable. (it should be - fait accompli)
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Fait a compli?

Fait accompli is a French phrase which means an accomplished fact,  or an action that is presumably irreversible. Its first known  recorded usage was in 1845.

How do you spell the plural of comply?

The word comply (agree, obey, abide) is a verb, and has no plural.  Only nouns and pronouns have plurals.   The spelling complies is the third person singular, present te (MORE)

What does comply mean and how do you use it in a sentence?

Comply is when you follow a rule or law or guideline that has been  made.    Examples:   The girl seemed to always want to comply.   If they did not comply, th (MORE)