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Fait a compli?

Fait accompli is a French phrase which means an accomplished fact,or an action that is presumably irreversible. Its first knownrecorded usage was in 1845.

What rhymes with comply?

1 syllable : ai, ay , aye , bi, bligh , buy , by , bye , chai, chi, cry , di , die , dry , dye, eye , fly , fry , guy , hi , high , I, lie , ly , lye , (MORE)

Who complied quran?

According to islamic sources, the Qur'an was introduced to 'Muhammad' by the parental cousin( 'Waraka ibn Nawfal' ), of his first wife 'Kadijah'. Waraka was a Roman Catholi (MORE)
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What is the meaning of comply?

The definition of the word comply is "(of a person or group) act inaccordance with a wish or command."
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What is the noun of comply?

The noun forms of the verb to comply are complier (ornon-complier), compliance , and the gerund, complying .