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What composes the soil?

Decayed plants and animals compose the soil. When plants and animals die they decay and become part of the soil. New plants grow causing herbivores to come and eat the plant (MORE)
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What is the mantle composed of?

It is composed of very hot rock that is "plastic" (slowly moving  and deforming). It is not as liquid as the outer core, or the magma  that separates the crust from the mant (MORE)

What is a music composer?

A music composer is a person who writes songs and music. For example, Johann S. Bach wrote Minuet in G in 1741. Usually composers were from long ago. Johann S. Bach was the fi (MORE)

What composer composed 41 symphonies?

  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791).  He composed his first symphony, Symphony No. 1 in E flat major, at the age of 8, and continued composing them for the rest of hi (MORE)

What is composed manure?

Composted animal manure has been let "mature" which takes away any chance of it burning your plants which can happen with some manures. Chicken manure is particularly high i (MORE)

What is The meniscus composed of?

Meniscus is not composed of anything its a physical properties due to surface tension of liquids. It is dependant on the: cohesive forces - binds similar molecules together. a (MORE)

What is a transitor composed of?

A transistor is a solid device consisting of two charged  semiconductors sandwiching a very thin piece of an  oppositely-charged semiconductor. The thin piece might even be (MORE)

What is fibrocartilage is compose of?

Fibrocartilage is compose of cartilage( which is a connective tissue composed of cells called chondrocytes. This chondrocytes is highly rich in collagen and other proteins. ) (MORE)