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What composes a paragraph?

A paragraph is composed of three parts, which are a topic or  beginning sentence, the body, and the concluding or ending  sentence. While the topic sentence is for introduci (MORE)
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DNA is composed of?

nucleotides, and every nucleotide has three components: a phosphate group, a protein, and a simple sugar. Every nucleotide consisting of three components belongs to a single c (MORE)

What did Tchaikovsky compose?

Tchaikovsky composed the Nutcraker Suite. He composed much more, but that is probably his mostly known composition. (I'm sure everyone has heard of it??...)
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What is a compound composed of?

A chemical compound is composed of two or more different chemical elements bonded together, most commonly through ionic or covalent bonds. In a covalent bond, the elements "sh (MORE)

What is iron composed of?

  Iron is an element on its own, symbol Fe, atomic number 26 and mass number ~56.
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What is an atom composed of?

That is a good question. Scientists are still not completely sure what the atom is made of, however we do know about three parts right now. They are the proton (positive charg (MORE)

How do you compose a symphony?

First, you will need an extensive education in music theory and counterpoint. You will also need to know the ranges of the instruments you are composing for. Start with comp (MORE)