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How did Computer get the name Computer. Who framed it?

The word computer dates back to the Latin word compute which means  to calculate, reckon, to count up. This became a French word  computer which meant to calculate. By the 1 (MORE)

How do get on a computer?

Interesting question, how did you get on one to post this question? You need to turn on the case or laptop power button, log in with a name and user password (if not admin o (MORE)

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When troubleshooting a computer what do you do if the computer does not boot?

To answer this question, one must know the exact part of the boot sequence that does not happen successfully. It can be as simple as a loose power cord, or something more exte (MORE)

How does computer viruses get into your computer?

Viruses can intrude into your PC by different means. The leading  cause and source of most of viruses, spywares, trojan horses is  internet, especially downloads and E-Mail (MORE)

What are computers?

Computers Are Programed Machines that Do A lot of the work for Us, Such As doing maths, or making a document... Basicly You Can go on Wikipedia to get even More Info   A d (MORE)

What do computers have in them?

Physically, computers have multiple chips that allow them to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently. Computers contain a hard drive which lets them store data, a CPU whic (MORE)

Are you a computer?

If you are asking are computers answering your questions then the answer is no. People are doing so. If you are being philosophical then yes, as we are all a kind of compute (MORE)