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What did computers do?

Computers can do almost everything. From launching an Spacecraft into space to Digging deep inside the Earth. Computers have made almost many things possible . Today we can co ( Full Answer )
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Is this a computer?

No this is a website. You are using a computer based product to ask this question.
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What is computers?

A computer is an electronic machine that accepts raw data, process them and display the result in human understandable form. It contains three main parts. They are Input, Proc ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get a computer from?

You can get a computer from almost anywhere nowadays, Comet, Pc world, Curry's, Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco's All the supermarkets, Al computer stores etc....
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What do can computer?

we all can do computer look into your soul now repeat with me i can do computer you are f@t so i can do computer if i was not so f@t i would do computer computer comuter loota ( Full Answer )
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What after BE computers?

After that you can do master or further study on it or can do job also.
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What if there is no computer?

If there is no computer, there is no computer. Perhaps you don't need/want one; if you do, you can purchase them online or in shops.
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How can you get it on your computer?

I do not understand the format of your improperly worded grammar. Please rephrase the question in a correct format (AKA: what are you trying to get on your computer?)
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What after BE in computer?

You can do any of following 1.ME 2.MTECH 3.MS 4.MBA 5.MCA 6.JOB 7.Buisness Choose whatever you like only after thinking about it in detail!
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Why is the computer?

the computer is for making people touch each other and talk and chat and play and send gifts and its for destroying being bored