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Is English the hardest language to learn?

English is extremely difficult to speak fluently, but you can speak  it very badly and still be understood.    The Language has a lot of traps for foreigners due to it (MORE)

How is English language learned?

There are many ways to learn the English! Here a number of ways which can help a person who is trying to learn the language: Consulting books which are based upon the knowled (MORE)

What are computer languages?

Computer languages fall into one of three categories: machine language, low-level language and high-level language. Machine language, or machine code, is the native language (MORE)

How can you learn languages?

Study the language and learn from a natural. Learning from a natural speaker of the language would be the best way you can learn the language.
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How people learn a second language?

That depends on the person: Some people learn best by reading, some by hearing, some by seeing. My best method of grasping another language is the "immersion" method. Actually (MORE)

How do you type a computer language on the computer?

It actually depends on the programming language. For example, in Microsoft Visual Basic, you get an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a GUI so you just have to des (MORE)

Is it Necessary of grammar to learn a language?

Grammar is an intrinsic element of a language, the rules that explain how the language works. If you don't know the grammar, what exactly can you know of the language? Presuma (MORE)

How to learn computer?

There are many ways you can learn on the computer. You can take  computer courses, self help books or even online courses.
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