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How do you learn languages?

Take some classes, develop a conversational ability and then immerse yourself in that culture, either by traveling or engaging with that community in your locale. The majority (MORE)

What are computer languages?

Computer languages fall into one of three categories: machine language, low-level language and high-level language. Machine language, or machine code, is the native language (MORE)

How can you learn languages?

Study the language and learn from a natural. Learning from a natural speaker of the language would be the best way you can learn the language.
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Is a computer language a language?

Well in its most basis element yes. Language is a vehicle in which people use to communicate. Binary, which I assume you are referring to, is a very basic "language" that a us (MORE)

What is a computer language?

There are several answers to this question. Internally a computer uses 1 and 0 as its means of storing information and commands. Special patterns of 1 and 0 form commands (MORE)

What should i have to know about computers to be able to learn Assembly language and from where may i learn that language?

Assembly languages are specific to a particular micro processor or micro processor family, and strongly rely on your familiarity with this processor not only in terms of its a (MORE)