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What the significance of computer graphics?

Computer has become a powerful tool for the rapid and economical production of pictures. Computer Graphics remains one the most exciting and rapidly growing fields. Old Chines (MORE)

What is meant by resolution in computer graphics?

Resolution of a desktop is how many pixels or dots a desktop contains in both the horizontal and vertical directions
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What is segment table in computer graphics?

Segment tables in computer graphics includes the length of  corresponding segments in main memory. Each entry in the table  contains the lengths, and to see if a segment is (MORE)

What is raster scan in computer graphics?

In Raster scan display electron beam swept across the screen one row at a time from top to bottom.when reaches the bottom scan starts again from top.It produce a zig zag lines (MORE)

What is purpose of computer graphics?

The purpose of computer graphics is to make real what can never truely be alive in this world. For entertainment mostly. What we can never find real life figures of, the compu (MORE)

What are the applications of computer graphics in computer technology?

  # User Interface  # Making Charts  # Office Automation  # Desktop Publishing  # CAD/CAM  # Art & Commerce  # Process Comtroling
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Elements of computer graphics?

Elements of computer graphics include animation, interaction,  rendering, and modeling, These elements include input and output  devices, tools, interactions and environment (MORE)

What is Display processor in computer graphics?

The display processor read the data from the frame buffer and convert it into corresponding 1's and 0's according to there pixels and then put it on to a monitor screen.The di (MORE)