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How much storage does an average computer have?

January 1, 2012- The average consumer computer came with 500Gb to 2TB. The biggest hard drive available to consumers was 4TB. N/A 2011- Average computer came with 500Gb- 1TB. (MORE)

What are the units of computer storage?

The units of computer storage are : Bits, nibbles, Bytes, Kilobytes(KB), Megabytes(MB), Gigabytes(GB), Terabytes(TB), Petabytes(PB), Exabytes(EB), Zettabytes(ZB), Yottabytes(Y (MORE)

What is the function of cloud storage on a computer?

Cloud Storage enables you to upload your computer files (photos, music, documents etc.) to a central server managed by an Internet company. It offers you the peace of mind tha (MORE)

What is the storage medium of the computer known as?

Typically it is referred to as Primary Storage. However, the method of technology to do this varies. Many media currently called 'Secondary' was not always so, and may not al (MORE)

What is storage in computer science?

storage refers to the keeping of data and information for later. in computer science there are two types of storage that is primary storage and secondary storage in primary s (MORE)