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What is aging register in computer architecture?

In certain algorithms,those frames that are in computer main memory  which remain unused for a long time are removed using aging  registers.These keep count of frame access. (MORE)

What is clocking in computers architecture?

Firstly know what is clock. Clock - Clock/Clock Rate is the speed at which a microprocessor executes instructions which is usually expressed in MHz or GHz. This clock ensures (MORE)

What is timing and control in computer architecture?

Timing pulses are used in sequencing the micro-operations in an instruction. For example, when LDA instruction is executed, the memory is read operation is performed in timing (MORE)

What are some differences between a client server architecture and a centralized computing system?

Centralized System Architecture:Centralized means the data is in one place.Centralized database - that is have one large computer to which you connect a large number of termin (MORE)

What are the benefits of a computer aided drafting system in architecture?

Computer Aided Graphics is a big help in Architecture because its faster. Drawings are easier and faster to be visualized. Also it is easy to change, add, delete a certain par (MORE)

What are the advantages of computer architectures?

Different computer architectures have different advantages for  different types of problems, however all modern computer  architectures are functionally equivalent and inter (MORE)