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What does the worm virus do to your computer?

Essentially, Worms are dead. what worms used to do was steal info from you computer, and then automatically spread on its own, i.e. emailing your contacts, e.t.c if you get a (MORE)

What is the worm in computer?

Computer worms are malicious software applications designed to spread via computer networks. Computer worms are one form of malware along with viruses andtrojans. A person typ (MORE)

What does a computer worm do to your computer?

Worms slow computer down, they can affect your internet by making it not work, and in general it can stop things on your computer from working at all. It can make computer jus (MORE)

What is a computer worm?

A computer worm is a self replicating piece of software. If you have other computers on your network some worms can send copies of itself to the other computers. Worms also co (MORE)

What is a worm in computer terms?

WORM is an acronym for Write once, Read many. A program or algorithm that replicates itself over a computer network and usually performs malicious actions, such as using up th (MORE)

How do you get a computer worm?

Worms are a virus that enters your computer via a download that looks like something good. It can also get into you computer by downloading an email attachment. Now don't get (MORE)

Symptoms of computer worms?

The worms consume too much System Memory and/or Network Bandwidth.Unexpected restartsError popupsUnexpected popusp on browserprogram crashesapplications may not run or work co (MORE)