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What is 5s concept?

I work for a company that is 5S 100% here's what we follow to the letter: 5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words whic (MORE)

Concept of environment?

There are many concepts of the environment that need to have  special attention. One important concept is the idea behind  protection.

Concept of business?

The concept of the business is the idea that comprise of the basic  information about the business. For example, the product or  service, target market, demographics, unique (MORE)

What is the concept of Fascism?

The concept of fascism came to be in Italy during World War 1, with  the rule of Mousalini. The concept of fascism has been widely  debated, but no true definition can be fo (MORE)

Marketing concept and selling concept?

selling concept is a traditional concept of marketing. In traditional concept emphasis was on only selling the product. marketers would not bother about customers wants and wo (MORE)

What is the concept of Nationalism?

To have a sense of nationalism means to have a sense of strong pride in ones country; it creates the feeling of unity amoung citizens. Without it, countries are more suseptibl (MORE)
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What IS STOCK Concept and flow concept?

Stock concept doesn't have a time reference whereas Flow concept has time reference i.e. Stock concept gives the value at an instant of time while flow concept gives the value (MORE)

Is marketing concept an obsolete concept?

  marketing is a concept that keeps growing. Every day people look for better ways of marketing. so marketing is a concept that will keep growing no matter what.
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What is mental concept?

It is a representation of reality that the mind finds useful. You have a concept of every object. It is how you would faithfully describe what it is, how it's made, and what u (MORE)