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The mole concept?

The mole is one of the most useful concepts in is important to prcticeusing it,and relatedtermes,to be abel to quickly say that the number particles that are in a (MORE)

What is the concept of The Gentleman?

Answer The stereotype of a gentleman is the type of guy that opens doors for a woman, pulls out a seat for her, doesn't try to kiss her on the first date. He doesn't sleep wit (MORE)
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Concepts of 3d animation and its concepts?

As we all know the word animation. The 3d animation is also a type of animation which doing by animators in 3 dimensions that is why only it is know as 3d animation. It is tot (MORE)

What is the concept of outsourcing?

Business Process Outsourcing can be a nice thing for the economy but it may even be a bad thing. Companies today both big & small do not have the capacity or expertise to manu (MORE)
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What is stated concepts?

Let's think about it: Suppose, before leaving the class your teacher tells his/her students , "We'll be having a test on what we've just learned today in class at 8:05am. Sha (MORE)

Marketing concept and selling concept?

selling concept is a traditional concept of marketing. In traditional concept emphasis was on only selling the product. marketers would not bother about customers wants and wo (MORE)
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What IS STOCK Concept and flow concept?

Stock concept doesn't have a time reference whereas Flow concept has time reference i.e. Stock concept gives the value at an instant of time while flow concept gives the value (MORE)

What are accrual concept and prudence concept?

According to accural concept, expenses incurred and revenue earned during the accounting period should be recorded in the same period of accounts regardless of the actual rece (MORE)

Is marketing concept an obsolete concept?

  marketing is a concept that keeps growing. Every day people look for better ways of marketing. so marketing is a concept that will keep growing no matter what.
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