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What is an ethical concern?

Ethical concern is?æsystematizing, defending, and recommendingconcepts of what is right and wrong.?æIt is sometimes known asmoral philosophy.?æ?æ

What is Buddhism concerned with?

Buddhism is concerned with the solution to reduce and eventually end suffering in a person's life. For this, the path of morality, meditation and wisdom is chosen to do so.

What are the warranty concerns?

The one major concern about warranties are "What will Void my warranty?" (Likes - Opening the case, Removing parts labels, Installing other vendors parts, & more). 6th editi (MORE)

What are the concerns of chemistry?

"Chemistry encompasses all questions about the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter." Taken from the introduction of "Chemistry" at WikiAnswers.

Why is he concerned about Fortunato?

He's not, he was tricking him into thinking he cared Montressor needs to make sure that his plan goes off without a hitch. If Montressor were to act indifferent to Fortunat (MORE)

What is a Manufacturing concern?

A manufacturing concern produce goods to sell to merchandising firms. On the other hand, a merchandising concern, derives its revenue through the provisioning of products prov (MORE)

What concerned Gandhi?

Gandhi was fighting for civil rights and equal treatment of Indiansin South Africa and white-ruled India. He was motivated when he wasforced to move out of the first-class car (MORE)