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What is social concern?

Social concern is when an individual or group is worried about a  certain aspect of society. For example, parents may have social  concern that violence in the media might i (MORE)

Why is deforestation a concern?

  There are several reasons.   Cutting down areas of forest removes wildlife habitats, leaving animals with no shelter and nowhere to find food in the case of some herb (MORE)

What is a Manufacturing concern?

A manufacturing concern produce goods to sell to merchandising firms. On the other hand, a merchandising concern, derives its revenue through the provisioning of products prov (MORE)
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Why is anemia a concern?

Anemia is a concern because your body is meant to produce lots of red blood cells that help your body carry the Oxygen to every part and every organ of your body. Anemia is wh (MORE)

What is sociology concerned about?

In brief, it is concerned with social behavior. . For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( ind (MORE)

Why is this pollutant is a concern?

To some people it is, pollution can lead to acid rain when it is mixed with water in the air, and it could kill or damage flowers, and other plants. To help conserve pollution (MORE)
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What does concerned mean?

Concerned means that your worried.   Ex.   I was concerned that the wars were going to hit corpus Christi.
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Is concerned a noun?

No, the word 'concerned' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun, for example a concerned citizen, a concerned parent. The noun form is concern (concerns), a common, a (MORE)
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Is concerned an adjective?

Yes, it is. (concerned glances, concerned citizens)   The adjective concerned comes from the past participle form of the  verb (to concern), and means having or showing c (MORE)