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Is concert a noun?

Yes, concert is a noun because it is a thing. The word concert is a common, singular noun.

What does vip concert tickets mean?

You have special access to the band. Normally you get to go  backstage for a meet and greet with the band. You also get tickets  in the first few rows of seating. Most VIP p (MORE)
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Why go to concert?

well if you like music and listen to it well sure do it ppl should always go to concert if they love music and if u like rapp

When is an ACDC concert?

for information on AC/DC's 'Black Ice' world tour:   -Look in related links area for link-   scroll down to the bottom of the page.
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When was the Woodstock concert?

Woodstock was original planned to be a three day concert from Friday August 15 to Sunday August 17, 1969, but due to rain the show dragged into Monday morning with Jimi Hendri (MORE)

What is concerted evolution?

It isboth concerted and gradual. Evolution is gradual,as confirmedby Darwin. At the same time it is nor erratic. It is concerted andmethodic. With all the inteligence and the (MORE)

What is a concert orchestra?

A concert orchestra is a group of musicians who play violin, viola,  cello, and bass. This group also has instrumentals such as those  who play flute, clarinet, oboe, and ba (MORE)