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What is concerted evolution?

It isboth concerted and gradual. Evolution is gradual,as confirmedby Darwin. At the same time it is nor erratic. It is concerted andmethodic. With all the inteligence and the (MORE)

How do you get a shout out at a concert?

Usually you can get a shout out from a band if you are close, and if not then you can meet them before the concert and politely ask for one, however I once got a shout out by (MORE)

Where is the geometry in concerts or going to concerts?

The only thing I can think of is the way the band members in Rock Groups are arrayed on stage sometimes. a sort of l20 degree angle, like between the bases in baseball, techni (MORE)
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Why go to concert?

well if you like music and listen to it well sure do it ppl should always go to concert if they love music and if u like rapp