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What is a conch?

A Conch it the common name for certain marine gastropod mollusks having a heavy, spiral shell, the whorls of which overlap each other. The animal inside the shell is eaten, e (MORE)

How do you stretch your conch?

Body Piercing is not a hobby or recreational activity, it is a serious procedure that if done incorrectly can cause lasting long term damage to the body. Body Piercing is a se (MORE)

What are conchs?

A conch is a large mollusc (sea snail) which makes a spiral shell to live in. It is the empty shell of a conch that Ralph retrieves from the lagoon.
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What do conchs eat?

Conches are molluscs (a type of sea snail) so I assume that they would eat sea weeds and algae.
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How does a conch look?

Conches are very pretty shells that usually appear in soft shades of cream, white, and/or pink. Most of the time, they are very large--as they are adapted to larger animal bod (MORE)

Is Conch a crustacean?

No, Crustaceans are animals like crabs, shrimps and lobsters. A Conch is a mollusk, a snail.
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Is a conch an arthropods?

No, the conch is not an arthropod (phylum Arthropoda) but rather is a gastropod mollusc (phylum Mollusca) along with other sea snails, land snails, bivalves, etc. Aquatic arth (MORE)