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A sentence with conch?

He put his lips to the conch shells opening and blew, the noise made everyone come to attention. Ralph summoned the other boys on the island to a meeting by blowing into the (MORE)

What are the rules of the conch?

  Ralph explains that in order to have some order at meetings those who wish to speak should put up their hands "like at school. Then I'll give him the conch." He then add (MORE)

What is conch fritters?

A conch fritter is a deep fried piece of conch. Conch is a shellfish found in the Caribbean in salt water. This is usually served as an appetizer with dipping sauce.
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How do you clean the conch shell for the shell not the conch?

if it is "fresh", put it in a plastic bag,tie it loosely and keep it outside.depending on temp. it should be clean in aweek.maggots are wonderful creatures! {this happened to (MORE)

Is Conch a crustacean?

No, Crustaceans are animals like crabs, shrimps and lobsters. A Conch is a mollusk, a snail.
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Is conch poisonous?

      Conch itself is not poisonous, its is the improper preparation and storage along with bacteria that causes conch to become poisonous. The disease causing org (MORE)
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What to feed your conch?

Most of them are eat detritus and are omnivores so you don't need to feed it anything. Just let it clean you tank and eat what the fish don't get.
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How do you cook a conch?

To cook a conch, you must have a steamer basket with boiling water  underneath. The steam bath helps open up the conch to be pried out  or simply eaten out of the shell.
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