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What is a concord cake?

A Concord cake (also spelled Concorde) in not a typical North American style cake. It basically consists of chocolate flavoured meringue layers sandwiched with a uncooked choc (MORE)

What are concordant titers?

When you are calculating the concentration of a solution by titration the expression "concordant titres" refers are a series of successive titrations with similar results. The (MORE)

When was the Concorde built?

Construction of the Concord began in 1965 with the first test flight being flown in 1969. The Concord entered passenger service in 1976. As an interesting note, as a British (MORE)

Where is Concord located?

There are several towns in the United States with the name Concord: Concord, Massachusetts Concord, New Hampshire Concord, California The Concord with the most signifi (MORE)

Was Concorde noisy?

Very like every other plane. but Concorde was different in the air, as it went twice the speed of sound a sonic boom would shatter the ground.
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What is a concordance file?

A Concordance database is made up several files working in tandem to present a single database. These files include a .dcb, .tex, .ndx but can also include supplementary files (MORE)