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When did the concord crash?

Air France Flight 4590 crashed on July 25, 2000 in Gonesse, France.    All 109 people on the Concord, and 4 people on the ground were killed.
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Why is Concorde called Concorde?

Concorde is called Concorde because when Britain and France were thinking of a name a civil servent's family thought of means "agreement between persons, groups, nations (MORE)

What is a concord cake?

A Concord cake (also spelled Concorde) in not a typical North American style cake. It basically consists of chocolate flavoured meringue layers sandwiched with a uncooked choc (MORE)

Why was the Concorde decommissioned?

Operational cost is the main reason for that It cost an absolute fortune to operate. BA have been making a loss for years. (Not sure about Air France) After the September at (MORE)

When was the Concorde built?

  Construction of the Concord began in 1965 with the first test flight being flown in 1969. The Concord entered passenger service in 1976. As an interesting note, as a B (MORE)

Where is Concord located?

There are several towns in the United States with the name Concord: Concord, Massachusetts Concord, New Hampshire Concord, California The Concord with the most signifi (MORE)

What is a concordance file?

A Concordance database is made up several files working in tandem to present a single database. These files include a .dcb, .tex, .ndx but can also include supplementary files (MORE)