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Where was concord?

There are quite a few towns named Concord in the United States. States with Concords: . Alabama . California . Massachusetts . Michigan . Missouri . New Hampshi (MORE)

Were do they use the Concorde?

Concorde is no longer in service, the last "retirement" flight occurred on 26 November 2003.
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Where is Concord located?

There are several towns in the United States with the name Concord: Concord, Massachusetts Concord, New Hampshire Concord, California The Concord with the most signi (MORE)

Why is the Concorde called the concorde?

The name, a French term meaning harmony or agreement, was derived from the cooperation of France and the United Kingdom in the development of the aircraft. Related Informat (MORE)

How noisy was Concorde?

The Concorde was not as loud as many people think it was, becausethere was insulation that helped with the noise reduction in thecabin of the aircraft.
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What was Concorde used for?

The concord was used primarily used for passenger transport on the trans Atlantic route. Generally from Heathrow to JFK
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