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What is concrete?

Concrete is formed by a chemical reaction called hydration between water and cement. The cement is usually a compound called Portland cement. . In addition to water and ceme (MORE)

Can you bond concrete to concrete?

Yes, provided you use a bonding agent. Unfortunately, the term B onding Agent is used very loosely ! In actuality a "Bonding Agent" winds up being a material placed on the e (MORE)
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What is concretion?

concretion is a volume of sedimentary rock in which a mineral cement fills the porosity (i.e. the spaces between the sediment grains). Concretions are often ovoid or spherical (MORE)

What can you do with concrete?

With concrete and precast concrete you can build fences, walls, concrete sound walls, pre-cast concrete perimeter walls, masonry walls, masonry screen walls and more! If yo (MORE)
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How a concrete pump push concrete?

Pumps consist basically of pressure vessels and equipments for supplying compressed air. . Concrete is delivered in to the pressure vessel and the vessel sealed tightly. . (MORE)

Can you pour concrete on old concrete?

not normally. it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. if you need a thin layer than you can pour a thin set layer which hardens and adheres better than concrete. if t (MORE)